delicious frappés, smoothies & beverages

Enter the world of fabulous taste

Thirst Iced Beverages manufactures unique powder based beverage products.
Our frappes are designed and formulated as a ‘just add water and ice’ range.
To create our delicious smoothies, the process is just as easy, only adding a serve of fresh fruit or one of our special fruit pulps.
We have developed an easy to make, refreshing, revitalising range of complete frappé and smoothie blends in all the popular flavours.
We’ve designed our hot powder based beverages for true chocolate and chai latte connoisseurs, with Dutch and Belgian cocoa a key ingredient in our hot chocolates. 


Our first ingredient is quality

We identify and source the world's finest ingredients and craft them to deliver superb flavour, mouth-feel and texture with our state of the art manufacturing and processing facilities right here in New Zealand.

All Thirst products carry our unconditional guarantee of quality and our pledge to never cease striving for measurable improvements in our products and service. Come and explore them today...

and let your taste buds come alive